Harmony Bay Resort join Ramada Hotel Chain

Harmony Bay Resort join Ramada Hotel Chain

We are extremely pleased to announce that Harmony Bay Resort & Spa is an official member of the Wyndham Hotel Group family.

The resort will bear the internationally renowned and iconic Wyndham owned brand Ramada, and will be recognised as the ‘Ramada Resort, Akbuk’ once fully operational in 2014.

The Ramada Brand was founded in 1954 and has nearly 1000 properties with around 150,000 rooms in over 45 countries located on 5 continents. A large number of Wyndham Ramada residencies are operated by Sophos Hotels, the Swiss hospitality company, and Harmony Bay is no exception.

Sophos Hotels cater for a vast amount of vacation destination choices around the world and ensure exceptional customer service to maintain unrivalled customer, guest and partner experiences are delivered.

Having alliances with Wyndham Hotel Group and Sophos Hotels coupled with an internationally recognised brand identity such as Ramada not only adds to the confidence which already exists, but will maximise the resorts overall operational performance, which will optimise the income to purchasers and owners of Harmony Bay Resort and Spa – Akbuk.

Harmony Bay Resort and Spa Investment

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